Tips on Visiting Morocco

Do you dream of spending your next vacation escaping back in time or immersing yourself in a different culture and trying different experiences?  Then you definitely want to look at Morocco.  You still want your trip to be hassle free and have a great time, Morocco has all of that and so much more.  But, when you head to a different country with a very different culture then you need a few tips to make the trip successful

When to Travel

Morocco is very warm throughout the year but it is extra special in the springtime.  There are colorful blooming flowers and greenery everywhere that you look but spring has near perfect temperatures making walking around comfortable.  Temperatures throughout the winter and summer can be a bit extreme and that can be really uncomfortable for tourists.

What to See

There are so many things to see and do you may not know where to start but one of the things you should add to your must-see list are the riads.  A riad is essentially a traditional residence built around a garden.  The cities like Marrakesh, Fes and Essaouria have some beautiful riads for you to check out.  While you are traveling you will likely use taxis, dine at local restaurants and have bell boys help you with your luggage and it is customary to offer a tip.  If you are offered a tasty cup of mint tea by any of the locals, it is considered the height of hospitality so it is polite to accept.

Local Culture

Moroccan culture can be vastly different from what you find in western countries and if you are a woman traveling alone you need to be extra cautious.  The general rule of thumb is to dress as one of the locals you can wear a djellaba.  If you choose not to cover your hair then put it in a bun or tie it down.  There are “hustlers” in Morocco, these are males who will follow around and unaccompanied woman and pester them so be very cautious.  Conversely if you are a male traveling along then you do not approach a woman you don’t know, it shows a lack of respect.  If you need directions or something of that nature then you should approach an elderly male.

Don’t be frightened off by the different culture, Morocco is a popular tourist destination and the locals are pretty familiar with having foreigners passing through.  Cities like Casa Blanca and Marrakesh see millions of tourists every year with little or no problems at all.  Familiarize yourself with local culture before you embark on any trip.